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There was a Cuenca in which the first hominids, hunters, gatherers, horse herders, expressed their desires with paintings, lived in caves and were buried in them ... Those first settlers have left us a rich cultural heritage that is worth knowing and discover.

Next to the caves of the first settlers of the province of Cuenca we find the mining complexes of Roman times. It was Pliny the Elder who wrote that the Lapis specularis mines were located in the Hispania Citerior and more specifically "one hundred thousand steps around the city of Segbriga", a city whose importance during the Roman Empire was due to obtaining this Lapis specularis. The province of Cuenca is dotted with mining complexes that supplied ancient Rome to glaze its buildings.

Visiting these mines allows visitors not only to know what these exploitations were like and the work system used by the Romans, but also to enter into a fun underground adventure.

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